The Legend Continues! T1 Wins 4th 'League of Legends' World Championship!

The League of Legends world finals took place on 19 November 2023 at the Gocheok Sky Dome, where T1 defeated Weibo Gaming by a 3–0 score, marking the organization's record-extending fourth World Championship. Faker, whose real name is Lee Sang-hyeok, has now won a record four world titles and, aged 27, is also the oldest player to clinch the biggest prize in League of Legends. His unparalleled skills and unwavering determination have earned him the title of a god in the hearts of players worldwide, placing him at the very pinnacle of the game. In addition, we also want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the runner-up, LPL esports team WBG, for their incredible performance, which has undoubtedly secured a place in their club's history books.

The Global League of Legends Pro League has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of e-sports. With an impressive 13 seasons under its belt, this captivating game continues to reign supremely as one of the most popular and beloved games in the industry. As a true pioneer in the industry, DXRacer garnered the love and support of countless players worldwide with their commitment to excellent quality and innovative design. Since 2014, DXRacer has been a strong supporter and long-term partner of the League of Legends Pro League and its elite teams.

In 2014, DXRacer formed a strategic partnership with Samsung Galaxy's esports club.

In 2015, DXRacer collaborated with the League of Legends Korean Champions League (LCK)'s elite team, SK Telecom T1 (SKT T1), to release a limited edition gaming chair. With their exceptional skills and professional DXRacer gaming seats, Team SKT T1 managed to secure not only the 2015 LCK Spring and Summer Championships but also emerged victorious in the highly anticipated League of Legends Global Finals Season 5 Championship. This marks the beginning of a three-peat for Team SKT T1 at the Global Finals. In addition, we also sponsored North American and Brazilian esports organizations Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and paiN Gaming, and other elite teams.

In 2017, DXRacer partnered with the prestigious League Of Legends Professional League (LPL) in China and was designated as the exclusive official chair brand for the esteemed league. In partnership with the elite team EDward Gaming (EDG), DXRacer introduced the EDG edition co-branded gaming chair.

In 2019, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) started running on its own and DXRacer was officially announced as its first official gaming chair supplier. At the same time, we were proud sponsors of Invictus Gaming (IG), a world-renowned gaming team.

In the year 2023, DXRacer renewed its partnership agreement with League of Legends and extended its support to World Elite (Team WE), the very first esports club based in China. With DXRacer's backing, the team is poised to achieve even greater success, solidifying its position as one of the top contenders in the field of esports.

DXRacer and its worldwide partners and players have been there through the dynasty's ups and downs. From now on, DXRacer will keep its collaboration with League of Legends strong and collaborate with them to promote the eSports industry worldwide. Also, we will remain committed to crafting premium, top-tier gaming furniture that reflects individuality and enhances the quality of life.

The legend continues! We firmly believe that our journey has just begun!